Workforce developmentDevelop the health and medical research workforce

We are implementing a range of strategies to develop the health and medical research workforce in Australia including:

  • National research fellowship by training program in health and biomedical informatics
  • Mentoring strategy for Fellowship candidates
  • International visiting fellow program
  • National visiting fellow program
  • Participating in the Workforce Program of the Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

National research fellowship by training program in health and biomedical informatics

The CRE supports a national research fellowship in health and biomedical informatics, a crucial first step in building the informatics research workforce Australia needs. Established in 2017, the CRE will administer its operation for the first five years, enroll the first cohorts of trainees, and work with government, industry and the Australasian College of Health Informatics (ACHI) to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Fellowship. About the Fellowship Program.

International visiting fellow program

International visiting fellows contribute to the doctoral program, present their own research, and link with at least one of the CRE’s research programs. Reciprocal visits from CRE staff to international teams also occurs. Register your interest below.

National visiting fellow program

The CRE has a crucial role in building a cohesive national research capability in digital health and endeavours to engage newly emerging researchers from Australian institutions. National visitors work with CRE researchers on common projects and have the opportunity to fully engage in CRE teaching and research meetings. The CRE also hosts non-academic visitors from industry and government for short or long-term secondments to CRE projects.

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