About the Rapid response function

Making evidence-based decisions is a major challenge for policy makers, health services and industry who operate often on tight timeframes, and may not have access to the research literature or be set up to analyse it effectively. Many questions also test the boundaries of the research literature.

The CRE will conduct rapid literature reviews, data collation and meta-analysis to answer critical digital health issues, with an emphasis on maintaining a neutral and independent position. CIs will prioritise questions to be answered, and supervise the structuring and analysis of these reports.

CIs will solicit issues from the CRE’s Expert Scientific Advisory Committee and external organisations including government, industry, consumers and health service providers. The work of the response function will be managed by the CIs via the Management Committee. The CRE will also use this mechanism to create briefing reports for the research work of the CRE itself.

Recent reviews

Automation bias and verification complexity: a systematic review
Automation bias in electronic prescribing
Efficiency and safety of speech recognition for documentation in the electronic health record
Problems with health information technology and their effects on care delivery and patient outcomes: a systematic review

Identify a critical issue for a review

We invite you to identify a critical question for the CRE to review. It must be related to our research.

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