Management Committee

The Management Committee includes all Chief Investigators (CIs) and is chaired by the CRE Director (Professor Enrico Coiera) and receives advice from the Scientific Advisory Committee. The Management Committee includes senior national and international researchers, NGOs, industry and government to ensure access to clinical services, new technologies, and the engagement of clinicians, consumers and policy makers.

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee is responsible for external evaluation of the CRE’s programs, and provides advice and feedback on current and proposed research projects within the CRE. The Committee brings together:

  • Leaders from major jurisdictional entities and NGOs including the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) and CSIRO, to allow them to help shape research programs to fit emerging priorities, and bring research findings from the CRE back into policy formulation.
  • Leaders from consumers and industry to ensure research outcomes target the needs and priorities of the public and Australia’s rapidly emerging e-health industry.
  • Leaders from the international research community, including our international Associate Investigators (AIs), to ensure that the CRE’s work is at the highest level internationally.

Fellowship by Training Program Governance Board

The AIDH Fellowship by Training Program Governance Board is responsible for providing direction, feedback on and actively promoting the Fellowship by Training Program. The Board is managed by the Australasian Institute of Digital health (AIDH). Governance Board members include representatives from industry, AIDH, government and non-government organisations with a strong history of experience in health informatics and relevant qualifications.