About the CRE in Digital Health

The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Digital Health is a national research centre which brings together the major Australian centres of health informatics research. Working with healthcare data, artificial intelligence (AI) tools and techniques and together with our partners, collaborators and front-line healthcare providers, the CRE in Digital Health addresses key issues to drive the development of a fully integrated and digitally enabled Australian healthcare system. With the support of the Australian Digital Health Agency and the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, we are tackling the challenges that impede the creation of safe, efficient and effective digital health services for clinicians and consumers.

The CRE in Digital Health commenced in 2018 and builds on the work of the previous CRE in e-health directed by Professor Enrico Coiera (2011-2017). Investigators in the CRE come from Macquarie University, Bond University, the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, UNSW Sydney, University of South Australia, The University of Sydney and CSIRO.

The CRE is administered by the Centre for Health Informatics, Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Major aims

The CRE targets major evidence gaps that exist in our understanding of how to successfully implement and monitor digital health in Australia.

A targeted research program which addresses critical evidence gaps that limit our national capacity to exploit digital technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

Research streams:
  1. Safety and quality of digital health systems
  2. Advanced clinical analytics
  3. Consumer digital health

A translational program including a Rapid response function provides independent evidence-based recommendations on crucial policy and practice issues to government including the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), health services, consumers, clinicians and industry.

A workforce development program that addresses the skills and experience gap in the health informatics workforce and builds urgently needed capacity in the workforce. It includes an Australasian Health Informatics Fellowship by Training Program, public workshops and international and national visiting fellow programs.

Chief investigators

The CRE Chief Investigators (CI’s) have exceptionally strong international reputations for their research, and its translation into policy or practice, with many examples of collaboration with each other in recent years.

Professor Enrico Coiera, Macquarie University
Professor Paul Glasziou, Bond University
Professor William Runciman, University of South Australia
Dr David Hansen, CSIRO, Australian e-Health Research Centre
Emeritus Professor Teng Liaw, UNSW Sydney
Associate Professor Farah Magrabi, Macquarie University
Associate Professor Vitali Sintchenko, The University of Sydney
Professor Karin Verspoor, RMIT University
Associate Professor Blanca Gallego-Luxan, UNSW
Dr Annie Lau, Macquarie University

Associate investigators

Our associate investigators bring a wide and diverse range of experience and expertise to the team.

Dr Anthony Nguyen, CSIRO, Australian e-Health Research Centre
Dr Hamed Hassanzadeh, CSIRO, Australian e-Health Research Centre
Dr Kathleen Yin, Macquarie University
Assistant Professor Anna Scott, Bond University
Mr Justin Clark, Bond University

Phd students

Our Phd students are working on a range of projects reflecting their work experience, interests and passion about digital health.

Saba Akbar, Macquarie University
PhD title - Automation in nursing decision support systems: Evaluating effects on risk identification and nurses' decision making.

Jinghui Liu, The University of Melbourne & CSIRO
PhD title - Analysis of electronic health records for clinical decision support

Keenan Pey, The University of Sydney
PhD title - Automated virulence profiling of pathogens using genomic and epidemiological data

Collaborate with us

We welcome research scientists with a background as clinicians, computer scientists and engineers to join our team. We invite industry to partner with us to create business opportunities through research and innovation.

Project sponsor

National Health and Medical Research Council - Centre of Research Excellence, APP1134919