Fernandez-Luque L, Kushniruk AW, Georgiou A, Basu J, Petersen C, Ronquillo C, Paton C, Nohr C, Kuziemsky C, Alhuwail D, Skiba D, Huesing E, Gabaron E, Borycki EM, Magrabi F, Denecke K, Topaz M, Al-Shorbaji N, Lacroix P, Cornet R, Iyengar S, Gogia SB, Kobayashi S, Deserno TM, Mettler T, Vimarlund V, Zhu X. Evidence-based health informatics as the foundation for the COVID-19 response: a joint call for action to transform hopes and hypes into realities. Methods of information in medicine. 2021;(accepted Jan 20).

Background: As a major public health crisis, the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic demonstrates the urgent need for safe, effective, and evidence-based implementations of digital health. The urgency stems from the frequent tendency to focus attention on seemingly high promising digital health interventions despite being poorly validated in times of crisis. Aim: In this