The NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Digital Health (CRE) is calling on government, industry, consumers and health service providers to identify critical gaps in digital health evidence-based policy.

Making evidence-based decisions is a major challenge for policy makers, health services and industry who operate often on tight timeframes, and may not have access to the research literature or be set up to analyse it effectively. Many questions also test the boundaries of the research literature.

The CRE will conduct rapid literature reviews, data collation and meta-analysis to answer these critical digital health questions. A dedicated Post-Doctoral Research Fellow will conduct the reviews and deliver a neutral and independent position on the issue.

“We anticipate these reviews will help drive the research work of the CRE itself and actively involve the people who know what the real issues are at the coalface. So, we are calling on you to identify the critical gaps so that we can make a real impact on driving digital health now, and in the future,” said Professor Enrico Coiera.

The outputs of the rapid response function will be made available to other researchers wherever possible and placed in the Australian Research Data Commons to maximise its dissemination and reuse.

Identify a critical gap in digital health evidence-based policy.

Nov 13, 2017