Can co-designing artificial intelligence tools with general practitioners deliver better patient outcomes and what impact will it have on Doctors?

And what about the healthcare system? We took it to the test in a study with general practitioners simulating an AI documentation assistant for use in patient consultations.

While artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly across many industries, the healthcare system has been somewhat slower to adopt them. And what about patient safety, ethics, data security, and legal implications of using AI? And will AI replace doctors?

A study conducted by researchers from the Centre for Health Informatics at Macquarie University, led by Professor Enrico Coiera, Chief Investigator of the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Digital Health investigated this topic.

The study which was conducted with 16 GP’s and used three co-design workshops identified three themes for further exploration:

  1. Professional autonomy
  2. Human-AI collaboration
  3. New models of care.

And while there is more work to be done in designing appropriate tools and training the healthcare workforce, evidence suggests that AI documentation assistants are likely to become part of routine future primary care.

Read the full paper for more information.

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The Digital scribe team: Pictured (L-R) is Dr Dana Rezazadegan, Dr Juan Quiroz, Dr Liliana Laranjo, Professor Enrico Coiera and Dr Baki Kocaballi.