Quick Clinical is a federated meta-search engine. This means that it does not search the literature like a regular search engine. Rather, Quick Clinical connects to several search engines, queries each one in parallel, and collates the results.

In addition, Quick Clinical offers a specialised query interface and pre-specified templates for search strategies tailored for the most common clinical queries such as ‘therapies’, ‘diagnostics’, ‘treatment options’ and ‘patient education’. Quick Clinical is now available to Australian clinicians – contact us for more information.

Under the CRE, Quick Clinical, whose tremendous efficacy was first shown in 2005, was revived and re-published as an up to date and free service to Australian clinicians at http://qc.aihi.mq.edu.au. It now supports querying PubMed (with or without the Clinical Query filters) and PubMed Health. Quick Clinical was developed in collaboration with the HCF Research Foundation and tested with Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd (TGL).

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Contact Dr Guy Tsafnat, guy.tasfnat@mq.edu.au, +61 2 9850 2430