The CRE in Digital Health congratulates Dr Leanna Woods, Dr Mohamed Khalifa and Dr Tobias Hodgson on completing the Fellowship by Training Program (FbT).

The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Digital Health launched the program in November 2017 and has now partnered with the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) in 2019 to deliver the program on our behalf.

The FbT Program is a training pathway to AIDH Fellowship and is the first program of its kind in Australia. The Program is designed to:

  • Build national capacity in digital health research to meet rapidly expanding national health service needs
  • Address the current demands for experienced and qualified health informatics specialists from various disciplines, and to
  • Develop leadership capability in the health informatics workforce.

The goal of FbT is that on completion of the Program, Fellowship graduates will have a PhD qualification, a portfolio of real-world work experience, industry contacts and an AIDH Fellowship.

Here’s what our new FbT Graduates have to say about the program:


Dr Leanna Woods

“The Fellowship by Training program is Australia’s ‘slingshot’ program for emerging health informatics leaders. Only high achieving PhD candidates studying digital health are selected into the program. The coursework challenges thinking, develops learning and facilitates exposure which benefits ourselves professionally, and the communities we are trying to help with advancing digital technologies. The wide perspective on health and care afforded to me during my work placement was immensely maturing from a professional development point of view.”





Dr Mohamed Khalifa

“The Fellowship by Training program of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health represents a major pathway for emerging health informatics leaders to join the executive and expert leaders of the industry. The program activities add high value to the candidates who interact with senior leaders and gain more experience and insights into ways health informatics and digital health can be used to improve the health and outcomes of people. The mentorship component adds more guidance navigating the diverse domains of digital health. Moreover, the practical placement of the program provides candidates with a great chance to practice what they have been learning and learn even more. Personally, this program made a big difference in my experience and career pathway. I would recommend PhD candidates and graduates to join the fellowship by training program of the AIDH.”



Dr Tobias Hodgson

 “The program provides unparalleled exposure to Digital Health organisations, experts and colleagues through masterclasses, journal clubs, conferences, and events. Offering the opportunity to network with the who’s who of Digital Health throughout Australasia.”